Klei Entertainment is celebrating 10 years of existence and gives you the possibility to play all their games for free this weekend.

Through ten years of existence, from studio Klei Entertainment we got some of our favorite 2D indie games ever. The action platformer Shank and its sequel, stealth action Mark of the Ninja and survival game Don’t Starve most stand out, but there are recently started Invisible Inc., Eets Munchies and Crypt of the NecroDancer. All of them of different genres and ideas, each in their own way exquisitely done. And now all those great games you can play for free – at least for the next 35 hours.

Don't Starve

This is a special promotion on Steam and Klei’s celebration of 10 years of existence. All of their games are free to download and play this weekend, or next 35 hours, but after that period several of them will not be able to play without buying them. So classic Steam Free Weekend scheme.

Mark Of The Ninja

But if you really like a game that you had downloaded in that limited time, you will have the opportunity to buy it and continue to play after the free period for a much lower price than usual. Discounts on some of the games are even 85%, and you can check the complete list on Steam.


For free download, you have to go to the page of each game separately and click Play Game.