Windows 10 is a high quality operating system, but contains a number of options that can most easily be described as an invasion of privacy. DoNotSpy10 gathers them all in one place.

Shortly after the official release of Windows 10, the first tool to easily turn off all of his controversial option is available now. DoNotSpy10 is a product of German developers PXC-coding – real name Jonas Zimmermann – to opt out of a number of new features in Windows 10 that some users find uncomfortable because Microsoft sends information about you and your computer habits. This tool will do it in a very simple and elegant way, in two clicks.

Otherwise, the results of web search for this program are really interesting. One of the first is the article on WinSuperSite titled “Word of Warning on Windows 10 DoNotSpy10 Privacy Tool”. In it, the author of the controversial features of the new Windows says: “There is really no reason to worry, and reports of immoral Google violations of data privacy rights  are in my opinion a bit exaggerated.” Then he had explained that some tools indicate DoNotSpy10 as malware, despite the fact that some users by detailed scanning and testing of the system found that it does not contain any virus.

The second result, however, an article which states the following: “I recommend NOT downloading DoNotSpy or any other tool that promises privacy in Windows 10”.

Jolly, isn’t it?

Checking the official site DoNotSpy10 tool has shown that at the time of writing our text there were no active threats. Also, the program changelog says that his first version suffered from false detection by security tools, and that it is now corrected. Our download and installation have passed without any problems. The only thing that you need to be careful about and which was  likely to have caused false positives is that DoNotSpy10 installer offers the installation of additional software (in my case, some kind of AVG’s tool), which needs to deselected before proceeding with setup.

The program itself is really simple – it could get simpler only if turned into single cell organism. At startup you will be welcomed by window listing the various options which can be turned off. In the upper right corner, however, there is a description of each item, as well as to which version of Windows 10 it is possible to switch it off. DoNotSpy10, in its current version, among other things, can disable the following items:

– Windows Defender (security module, which will be Microsoft itself on if “some time” deactivated)
– Telemetry
– Biometrics
– Sharing information about your manuscript and identification using it
– Activate the webcam on the lock screen
– Cortana
– Windows 10 options related to the location and sensors
– Web search within Windows
– Microphone
– Internet access for a DRM system (copyright protection)
– OneDrive
– Automatic update
– And many more.

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Many of these options can be turned off via the standard settings under Windows 10, but it is time-consuming and sometimes difficult. When you highlight the ones you are interested in, simply press the “Apply” at the bottom of the interface. What can I say – the thing works. If you are interested, I suggest you to try DoNotSpy10 in a virtual machine. Just keep in mind that the last stable version  VirtualBox 5 does not work well with Windows 10, so you must download the latest beta from the Oracle site.