Since the sequel is kicking in campaign at Kickstarter at the moment, the original Divinity: Original Sin is getting ready to be released in extended edition for PC and consoles on 27th of this month.

The announcement of Divinity: Original Sin 2 got our attention from the things coming and the game itself in this particular year. The thing to blame is Enhanced Edition- the one that we announced as the game of the year in Golden Beaver in 2014. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition- except free addition to PC version it is also coming to PS4 and XBOX consoles, for which it was specialy edited and it will be run in 1080p resolution- starting on 27th of this month.

Earlier mentioning of the release date were connected to the end of the year, but Divinity is obviously ready to be played earlier- on consoles for the first time, and on PCs again- because except changes in certain mechanics (such as crafting), the new edition brings us rewritten story with completely new ending.