New application gives possibility that characters from paper coloring books become animated in real time on tablet. if this idea devised by scientists and engineers from Disney Research from Switzerland gets to the market, coloring books will become much more interesting to children.

They have, in fact, built an application that is capable of using a tablet camera to recognize the drawing in the coloring book, as well as the texture plated with crayons, and convert it into a 3D model and animate it, regardless the fact that the child is still coloring.

in addition, for the application it is not relevant if the child moves the coloring book or turns pages, even if it is placed on an uneven surface.

As you can see in this video, the system works perfectly by using augmented reality (AR) and the drawings that come to life on the tablet screen, are precisely reflecting the way in which the child had painted the baby elephant or any other character.

It is very likely that Disney could expand by a system which would put the colored character into a cartoon with some simple actions, so the children will be completely drawn into the world of technology through crayons.
For now, it is not known whether and when would Disney launch the application, nor when the selling coloring books for it will begin, but it is pretty obvious that the idea has huge market potential.