To reinstall Deus-Ex it is enough to mention the game’s name and that now there is a new mod available. It is one of those games that thanks to their status need no introduction. Title won many players mostly because of the freedom in solving the tasks which gives a great level of replayability and a discovery of something new after each finished mission.

Besides the gameplay, modes are also what held the first Deus in life, and now, after seven years of work, Deus-Ex:Revision is available for download.  And that it is not just about long developed mode, it is enough to say that the creators have Square Enix support thanks to which the Revision is available as free DLC on Steam. We believe that this speaks volumes about the quality of the game.

John French, the creative director of the development team Caustic Creative who is responsible for this project, says: ” Where other projects fill in detail around the edges of the game by tuning gameplay mechanics or improving textures, we focus on the visceral core of the Deus-Ex experience, bringing new level design, aesthetic direction and world-building detail,”

It should be noted that this is a primary mod for the Steam version of Deus-Ex and it can be purchased by 80% lower price until 16 October, but there is also the installer for other versions that can be downloaded from the official site.

Do you need a better reason to reinstall this timeless classic? After all, this is a great way to spend time while waiting the release of sunrise Mankind Divided.