Although it is not as old as some other popular franchises, Deus Ex is undoubtedly one of those series which has earned a cult status, but is also the one celebrating its 15th Birthday.

Oh, yes, time flies and no, it is not just your imagination, but we are really getting old- the original Deus Ex was released back in 2000, when it thrilled the gaming community with its combination of role-playing, stealth and first-person action, where we got its sequel Invisible War very soon, in 2004.

But, the third Deux Ex we had to wait much longer, although it was worth the waiting- when we finally played it in 2011. Human Revolution wowed us by almost every aspect.

And now, for the 15th Birthday of the series, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have decided to treat us but not with a cake, but an animated trailer which refers to the previous three Deus Ex-es, and also to upcoming Mankind Divided. In addition to this, Square and Eidos have released 22 minute documentary, and both above mentioned videos you can watch here.

And not to forget – Deus Ex- Happy Birthday!