Dell Inspiron 13 7348 is a representative of currently very popular 2-in-1 device – by simply rotating the screen this laptop turns into a Windows tablet.

Before we start with the description of the device, it is necessary to explain why this Dell Inspiron seems familiar. A little less than a year ago we tested the model 7347, and 7348 is its direct successor. There aren’t many differences, because the predecessor was very well received by the public, so it is mostly about new touches in hardware platform.

The change is easiest to see when we speak about processors. The new processor is representative of Broadwell architecture, manufactured in 14-nanometer building process. i5 processor, code 5200U has clock rate of 2,2 GHz, which in turbo mode increases to 2.7 GHZ, and two physical cores are doubled by HT technology. Of course, the most important change is lower energy consumption,  so our battery test rose from 5 hours and 19 minutes of previous model to 5 hours and 38 minutes. It is not much, but there is an improvement. With new processor came a new video card as Intel HD Graphics 5500, but that is pretty hard to notice except in the list of specifications.


The amount of main memory and hard disk space are not changed, so the 8 and 500 gigabyte are numbers which remained the same on the list of specifications. The wireless network card has also been changed, and it is now possible to take advantage of faster data transfer rates possible by AC wireless standard.

High-quality case plastic reminding of aluminum has not been changed, and there was no need. Also the predecessor was very sturdy and very nice to the touch.

The lack of changes is also in case of display that kept all the characteristics, so we are talking about Full HD screen and IPS matrix with very good characteristics. The most interesting feature of the screen is the rotation, which converts laptop into tablet and vice versa. Dell has also kept a passive stylus, which in certain situations can be quite useful, although not as accurate as active one which is purchased separately. The passive stylus is very pleasant in the hand and is generally quite useful  addition to device with a touch screen.

As we are still in a transitional period, the Inspiron 7348 came with Windows 8.1, but will probably be upgraded to Windows 10 by its buyers. There is a moderate amount of additional software, and the only thing which was bothering us was McAfee Interner Security which showered us with unnecessary information during the test.
All in all, it is hard to say that we have something new. Inspirions in 7000 series have been very good devices since the beginning, so Dell didn’t have much to fix, except to refresh hardware. If you are looking for a hybrid laptop, this Inspiron is more than a good choice.