Journalists from British Guardian, after the recent Talk-Talk’s hacking, started researching the dark side of the Internet, called Dark Web, hidden corner in which illegal activities very often occur. The focus of their research was on stolen credit card data which is collected by numerous criminal groups in many methods – phishing emails, malware, skimming at ATMs, or hacking of various companies and banks.

Only in the United Kingdom, 600,000 citizens were victims of such thefts in 2014, so it is understandable that the “market” the stolen data is pretty active.

Data From The Stolen Credit Cards Sold On Cyber Black Market For 1$

In the research on how to get to these information, the journalists found few “dealers” – some on the Dark Web, and some even in the “ordinary” web, accessible to all. In the open web prices are quite high, so the price of a stolen credit card goes up to 70 dollars. However, once accessed through Tor to dark web, prices fall and the supply is growing. There sets of 100 stolen credit cards are sold for about 100 dollars – that is only 1 $ per card.

Apart from the Credit card date, on the black market it is possible to purchase passwords for PayPal accounts and counterfeit banknotes, for which sellers even offer – free shipping!