Remastered version of Darksiders 2 came out last week, and the future of the series cold depend on it. Developers do not exclude the possibility of making another sequel.

Remastered versions of Darksiders 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One called Deathinitive Edition recently came out. Many of the players are quite pleased by the opportunity to play Darksiders on new consoles, especially those who missed the number two in last generation, but this may not be the last game in the series that the same players will have the opportunity to play.

Darksiders Series Could Still Get A Third Sequel

Although the THQ as the original owner of Darksiders IP fell apart in 2012, Nordic Games, which has purchased the series could to keep it alive. Director of the studio, Reinhard Pollice said that Deathinitive Edition is only the beginning of something bigger and that they are thinking of making a third part. Therefore, this remaster will be used as a measure of the interests of players, but also as way to attract new players.

Unfortunately, the remaster didn’t really become famous on a PC. A lot of players reported technical problems with the game on Steam which is especially disturbing given the fact that the first release in 2012 was flooded by technical difficulties. Fans are also rebelling against raising the popularity with this remaster, because they feel forced to re-buy the game they already own.

Still, we are convinced that the Nordic Games are more careful than that, and they know what they are doing. One can only hope that they will learn from the mistakes that marked remaster and provide us with a worthy continuation of the series.