After we have visited their version of ancient Greece, developers of Apotheon are taking us to spaceships where we can shoot opponents in roguelike environment.

As of today, Cryptark is available on Steam Early Access, the title for which are responsible boys and girls who brought us Apotheon earlier this year. Unlike previous title which was thematically related to the Greek mithology, new game puts us into space with the aim of boarding us into deadly alien ships just to earn few coins for our entrepreneurial ventures.

Since this is 2D roguelike shooting, the alien ships will be procedurally generated and the missions will be have to option to be completed in several different ways. Although this is an earla version, the developers are pointing out that the core of the game is already finished with available single player campaign, there is just some content missing, such as more additional weapons, opponents points and challenges.

When could we start playing the final version is still unknown, but it should be available in the next six to twelve months as it was estimated that the game could be found on Early Access.