For a real new Resident Evil we will have to wait some more time since Capcom has turned to online TPS shooting with Umbrella Corps, and it is also possible that they are planning to enter  e-sports world, at least that is what we concluded out of this gameplay presentation.

The announcement of Umbrella Corps at this year’s Tokyo Games Show may have been unexpected, but not surprising since Resident Evil with its last titles was slowly leaving its surviving roots and has turned more towards action gameplay. Fans were not happy about it so Capcom decided that it would be the best if they could revive cult Resident Evil classics for which the series got the respect of many players in the first place.

As fans have something to enjoy in real survival environment for all the others players hungry for action and zombies there is Umbrella Corps, online TPS shooting game in the world of Resident Evil. First gameplay video is presenting One Life Match mod where two teams with three players are fighting and have one life each, which could been concluded from the name of the mod. With all the fast action, distance shooting and using melee weapons, there are also zombies who will not attack players in the beginning, but can be used as the element of distraction.

Especially interesting thing is that Capcom decided to do a gameplay presentation in the way of e-sports commenting so it can be assumed that the game may have real competitive contests. But we will know more next year, when Umbrella Corps is coming to PC and PS4.