Straight from Paris there is a new trailer for Boundless coming, the new title of the open world where the PS4 and PC players will cooperate and investigate the same universe with different worlds linked by portals.

Oh no, another open world research title -you might think- but Boundless, a new game from Wonderstruck studio, will be slightly different as it will bring a sandbox universe that will be inhabited by both PC and PS4 players, and will be consisted of a variety of procedurally generated worlds that will be accessed through portals in first person.

As this is a multiplayer title, everyone will be able to find a playing style that suits them, whether you decide to take the role of a hunter so that you can later sell rare materials, or chose to be the builder for other players or collect exotic animals for your zoo where you will charge admission. Players will be able to show their creativity by creating various devices and sell designs, and on the other hand they can work as a real estate agents and sell interesting land.

Boundless Connects Worlds On PlayStation 4 And PC

These are just some of the features that the developer states and everyone will be able to choose whether to go into the unknown, or to establish guild with others and attack the ancient Titans that are located at the worlds. More details about the game and purchasing opportunities can be found at the official website.
You can see how does Boundless looks like in this gameplay trailer:


  1. Now we just wait until the PC players create an oppressive regime where all console peasants are made to till fields and mine materials for their PC overlords.