Alpha testing of MMORPG Black Desert Online in Europe and North America starts next week, on October 26th.

Daum Games has confirmed that in Europe and North America  date of the closed alpha testing MMORPG Black Desert online is slowly getting closer. Testing should begin on October 26 , and will last for 12 hours (it starts at 08:00/20:00 CEST; 12:00/24:00 EDT; 07:00/19:00 PDT), until 1 November. According to the announcement from Daum Games, codes for Alpha access will be shared via social networks and Black Desert Online fan pages.

First phase of Black Desert Online test will include basic features of the game. The maximum level will be 30, and we must point out that many of the elements that await us in the final version will not be available during alpha testing. The creators of BDO’s hope to gather feedback during alpha test on how to configure the client and integrate server, and say that before the official release there will be additional testing phases.

Visitors of the upcoming event Paris Games Week, which will be held between 28 October and 1 November, will also be able to try out playable version of the Black Desert Online. Of course, there are some mysterious and special awards for visitors of the fair, most likely related to access to future testing stages.

Black Desert online should be out in Europe and North America early next year. So far it is known that the publishers from Daum Games decided to reject the free-to-play model, according to which the BDO is available in South Korea and Russia, and in the west all the content in the game will be offered after paying the initial price, or through the classic buy-to play model. The world in the game is divided between the two countries, the Republic of Calpheon and the kingdom of Valencia. The main barrier between the two superpowers is a desert region that separates them, known as the Black Desert and it is full of priceless resource called Black Stones.