Previously known as Victory Command, the final version of Battle Battalions will be released next week.

We all read about Victory Command, the new Petroglyph title, that in the beginning of the month disappeared from Steam.

With this change, the authors have opened official website where we found out that the game changed the name into Battle Battalions, and according to the new statement, the development is finished and the game is ready to be released.

Battle Battalions Ready To Be Released

The happy event is announced for 3rd November with a note that the Battle Battalions was returned to Steam, and with the announcement that you can read here, we will just briefly repeat that this is a free-to-play title with numerous military formations. And since this is the team oriented game, good cooperation between players is crucial for success.

Although these unannounced changes happened in early October are not justifiable, it is a great news that Battle Battalions will come out in full version.

For more information check out the official website.