After disastrous launch and few months of fixing, Batman: Arkham Knight is ready to be released on Steam with a new patch.

Next Wednesday, on October 28 Batman: Arkham Knight will return to Steam after four months after being withdrawn from the market due to a number of technical problems. The news was announced through the official Steam Community  where it was stated that the PC version will get the new patch which will help the PC version to catch up with the content that has already been released in console versions of the game. Specifically, the patch will enrich the game with Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, a selection of characters and AR challenges. It also means, of course, that except that content, the game will technically be in much better condition than it was four months ago.

Batman: Arkham Knight Returns To The PC In A Few Days

After the disastrous launch of the PC version, many players expected some sort of compensation from the game publishers and developers in the form of free additional content, but that was not the case. As expected, the comments on this news on Steam are predominantly negative towards WB Games and Rocksteady, with a few “middle fingers” artfully made of dots and brackets.
Are you planning to get Arkham Knight now when it reappears on sale?