Although Batman: Arkham Knight was repaired on PC several weeks ago, the game did not come back on sale on Steam. That will happen at the end of this month, it was  announced by the Warner.

Terrible non-optimized Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC is a functional for a few weeks when it got the first major patch. All the problems of PC port were not solved by it, but the game has become at least somewhat playable. There is still some work being done on the second patch, and as it was announced by Warner Bros, it will be available by the end of the month. After it, Batman will be back on sale, and with it all previously released DLC content for the console will be available too.
But if you expected that the publisher of the game will apologize to you for the mental pain and compensate you with additional content for free – ain’t gonna happen. In the Warner Bros they have just thanked for the “continuous patience and support.” What users think about that on Steam it is pretty visible and clear.