Microsoft has announced that they reached an agreement with ASUS, according to which the Taiwanese company its Android phones and tablets will soon begin shipping with pre-installed MS Office applications.

The said agreement was also linked to Microsoft and Asus’ recent agreement on patent licensing, and from Microsoft say that will allow them to better integrate each other, and sharing technology to develop “new and innovative product solutions.”

“This agreement is very valuable both companies. In addition to that we will continue to develop improvements in our products, and allows us to open the doors of cooperation between Microsoft and Asus, which would not be possible without mutual respect and the same views on intellectual property,” said Nick Psyhogeos from Microsoft, while Vincent Hong from Asus added that this agreement both companies’ increase the chance to innovate for our customers. ”

Asus with this move, joined the figure of over 30 companies in its Android phones and tablets are supplied pre-installed Microsoft applications.