American AMD, one of the largest chipmaker in the world, announced today its operating results for the third quarter of this year. Anybody who knows about the situation in the company isn’t really surprised by the news. AMD, for the fourth quarter in a row has been recording significant financial losses. With quarterly revenues of 1.06 billion dollars (26% less than last year) the company has recorded an operating loss of 158 million USD.
If we analyse the first three quarters of 2015, AMD’s total loss during those nine months is 557 million. As it had been stated in the official report, the main reason for such bad results is lower demand for this producer’s chips as well as a drop in average prices on the market.
Together with the business results, the company announced a partnership with the Chinese corporation Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics. In cooperation with them, a project will be started for assembling and testing chips in the former AMD’s facilities in China and Malaysia. Nantong Fujitsu will have a 85% share in this business, while 1,700 workers from AMD will be working in this project.
AMD Reports Loss Of More Than Half A Billion Dollars