On the list of counterproductive actions that only large corporations know how to do in order to build-up even greater profits, Amazon’s ranked pretty high. IT giant was on his, also a giant online store, began to block the sale of certain products that pose a threat to its video platform.

Specifically, Amazon will block the sale on October 29 Chromecast Google and Apple TV, a device for streaming Internet content to the television set. In the Amazon without much twisting say they do it in order not to confuse potential customers. The company customers do not want to confuse the fact that in addition to their Fire TV and there are other similar competing devices. Among other things, the Amazon problem is that Apple TV and Chromecast not work well with Amazon Prime video service.

Fire TV’s or Amazon’s best-selling device.

“The last three years, Prime Video has become a significant part of Prime. It’s important to us that we sell streaming players work well with receiving video to avoid confusing customers. Roku, Xbox, PlayStation and Fire TV are excellent choices.” – Standing in Amazon’s media advisory.

This is what was first reported by Bloomberg, and their report was confirmed by TheNextWeb.

Amazon’s handling of goods on the global popular store in order to promote their own products is a disturbing move, as after all, and many others who make American IT companies, can lead to a new fragmentation of the IT market.


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