From everything we’ve heard, lonely research of mysterious cases in the universe will be the main charm of this science-fiction game.

Adr1ft got a new gameplay video and we think those of you who like walking simulators will love this game where you simply explore certain location and extend the story about that unusual place with every step you take.
Well, it’s more floating than walking in Adr1ft. Adtr1ft puts you in a role of a woman astronaut who wakes up in the middle of the destroyed space station without knowing what happened and a hole in her spacesuit that is slowly leaking oxygen. We will have to float in her shoes and explore the space wreck to find valuable resources and overcome obstacles of that catastrophic situation and find a safe way home.
As you will see in the gameplay video, this will be a very beautiful and atmospheric game in which we will listen to the story through a variety of audio recordings.

Behind this game is Studio Three One Zero started by Adam Orth, former creative director of Microsoft Studios. Just a  reminder, Adam left Microsoft after the debacle on social networks where he defended the original plan for Xbox One to constantly be connected to the internet, and where he ran into bunch of angry internet warriors.