There is nothing else to say about explosive trailers for Just Cause 3 except congratulations, but the real chaos in this game is best seen from the direct gameplay presentation – the first time recorded in PC version in full HD resolution and 60 fps.

Gaming portal Polygon had the good fortune to play the PC version of the upcoming Just Cause 3 and has generously shared forty minutes of gameplay material. To make things even more cheerful, they recorded the PC version – in 1080p resolution and smooth 60 frames per second. This video shows us how it looks to play Just Cause 3 better than any other previous trailer.

We have to admit that the game looks nice, especially when we talk about explosions or fire effects. However, as stated in the video, these visuals are not final, which is now somewhat a double-edged sword. It is possible that the game turns out even more beautiful than this. And it is possible, and it would not be such a big surprise, for players to experience another visual downgrade. In any case, Just Cause 3 will be released on 01.12. this year for PC and current consoles.